Edit Attached Word Templates

Version 2.0.0

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Easily remove references to templates that no longer exist from multiple Microsoft Word documents
If you recently removed or replaced a file server and are now getting reports from users saying that some Word documents are taking a very long time to open, it is probably because these Word documents still have a reference to the template that is no longer accessible. I made this application to help with this issue by looping through all Word documents in a specified directory and removing (or replacing) the template reference.

Simple easy to use interface
Much faster than manually updating the template file location in all of your documents
Optionally includes all Word documents in subdirectories of the specified directory as well
Works with .doc and .docx files and ignores temp Word files

You can set it to remove the template reference (which resets it to Normal.dot) without any negative effect on the documents - at least not that I or the hundreds of users of the documents I've run this tool on could find anyway.


Main Window

Please note: This program was written a long time ago and is no longer supported. It is still available for download in case it helps people out but it may not work correctly with new versions of Office