Managed Service Accounts GUI

Version 1.6.0

Free Download

Create, configure and install Managed Service Accounts with just a few clicks. No Powershell knowledge required.
Managed Service Accounts are a great new feature that was added to Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7, but up until now the only way to create and configure them has been via Powershell cmdlets (requiring at least 3 separate commands to be run, one of which has to be run locally on the computer that will use the MSA). So we created this tool to provide a free, easy to use GUI application for working with MSAs.

Simple and intuitive graphical user interface (no LDAP or powershell knowledge required)
Quick and easy to create and assign new MSAs, as well as removing old MSAs
Create and configure Group Managed Service Accounts introduced in Windows Server 2012
Install and uninstall MSAs on remote computers
Configure properties of existing MSAs, including the ability to disable them, set their expiry date, add them to groups, modify SPNs, and more
Uses native Windows APIs and LDAP operations where possible instead of Powershell for improved performance
Multi-domain friendly, simply enter the domain name (and credentials) for any domain you want to manage MSAs on


Main window showing existing MSAs
Creating a new MSA
Editing an existing MSA
Unassigning an MSA from the AD computer account it is assigned to